Welcome to Wonderland Eats!

I’m Maisy, your friendly amateur blogger. As a passionate home cook, I have been experimenting with gluten free cooking and documenting my successes on social media for several years (the failures rarely get a mention). I had thought about starting my own food blog for some time, and on New Year’s Day 2015, I finally decided to do so. So here we are, my new year’s resolution in physical form (or web form…virtual form? Anyway, it exists).

I have been following a gluten free diet for some time now, and have experienced firsthand all the heartache and frustration that comes with a gluten intolerance/Coeliac diagnosis and the soul-crushing realisation that some of your favourite foods are now off-limits. It sucks, I know. But with time, patience, and many hours of internet and cookbook research, I have managed to develop a reasonably well-rounded knowledge of the various flours and substitute ingredients that make gluten free cooking possible. We’re fortunate that we live in an age where gluten free products are increasingly readily available, and pre-mixed flour blends make life a whole lot easier for us gluten free foodies. However, gluten is a mysterious and magical ingredient and, without it, certain recipes just don’t work as well as we want them to. This is where I come in. Having been on a gluten free diet for almost ten years now, I’d like to think I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve – and more than a few good recipes. Here is where I’ll share them with you, in hopes that fellow gluten-free-foodies can benefit from my tried and tested recipes.

I try to keep things simple. While gluten free cooking does require a change in technique and a thorough re-working of your pantry, it needn’t be as complex as we’re often led to believe. As soon as a recipe starts listing weird ingredients that you can only buy on Amazon, I lose interest. In all my recipes, I try to use ingredients that are available at well-stocked supermarkets. If I use an ingredient that’s somewhat out of the ordinary, I will try to find a more readily-available substitute to make life a little easier for you all.

Many of the recipes I share here will also be lactose free, and low in fructose (these recipes will be so marked), in recognition of the fact that many gluten-intolerant people also suffer from other intolerances (myself included).

In short, my goal is to help gluten-free foodies rediscover the joy of their favourite dishes. Sounds fun, right? Feel like tagging along for the ride? Alors, allons-y.